jen_2058Hey, I’m Jen… a believer in God, a lover of my family– and a chaser of dreams. I love to paint with light (photography), and write with my heart.

Throughout my 30-something years on this Earth, I have experienced abandonment, trauma, loss, anxiety, shame, and depression. But I have also experienced love, contentment, grace, laughter and joy. And it is through all of the struggles in my life, that I have grown stronger. I have found healing.

When I look back on my life, I see all along that Jesus never left my side. He was there, and the struggles I overcame through Him, I believe are now my tools to help others. I have learned (and still work at everyday) to lean in and grow my faith + relationship with Jesus. I’ve learned to strive to live my life more mindfully, knowing that the Lord is here in this present moment, always.

This blog’s title is inspired by a poem I wrote. I hope you feel inspired by it, and I hope you find even just a hint of inspiration from the words I share throughout this blog, about faith, mindfulness + life.

Glowing Ember

I never thought I’d see the day
Or even come to feel
When all my fears would fade away
It’s never felt so real
A fire ignited within me
Through my soul, its smoke arose
When the wind of life blows fiercely,
A powerful ember within me glows
And I shall never feel defeated,
While the lava flows through my veins
Never be the coal, unheated
Even when it rains
So keep that fire burning
Within your beating heart
Yes, keep that fire yearning
For your life; your work of art